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Greg Hague Speaks Out About His Real Estate Selling Methods

A house is any owner’s biggest investment. Selling a house means selling an investment and getting the highest possible price for the house. This is something that most homeowners hope to accomplish when they place their house for sale on the market and start to offer it to buyers. They want to make sure that they are going to get access to a pool of potential buyers who are qualified to put in a bid for their home and have the funds to buy it at the price the seller wants for it. Those who look to sell their houses in any market know that it is important to have the right kind of help on their side during the entire process.

Real estate professional Greg Hague understands that buyers need to have someone with them who will help them get what they want from the process of selling a house. He speaks closely about his own methods in an article for Forbes Magazine. His work has been highly focused on this need in the last years. As he has continued to sell houses, he has realized many important facts about the home selling process. Perhaps the most important realization has been just how much time can influence any real estate purchase. Time is an important factor in selling a house. A house that is on the market for even a few weeks may be a house that is perceived by buyers as a house that is not one they personally wish to purchase. It may also be seen by potential buyers as a house they can offer a low ball offer to as the homeowner is perhaps desperate to sell.

He and his team at Real Estate Mavericks, a real estate coaching program, want to help turn around this perception and create excitement that will help avoid the problem of having a house that just sits on the market and loses value along the way. In his ideal world, buyers would be allowed to see a property the second that it goes on the market.

This allows the buyer to perceive the house in a different way than they might ordinary were they looking at a house that has been on the market for a longer period of time. He aims to help push agents to connect with buyers by letting excitement build even before the house is going on the market. Then the agent should place bring in a select group of buyers and help them realize that the property they see will be one that is going to go fast and be purchased if they don’t act quickly. Doing so is a great way to sell a house for a high price.