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Making Wikipedia Work for You

Staying Neutral

Having a Wikipedia page about yourself or your business is a mixed blessing. Because the site has become so well known, much of their information is cloned all over the internet. This means an enormous amount of free advertising, which can help get the word out about who you are. For people who have had pages written about them without their knowledge, the information about them is usually quite flattering, but for those who do their own Wikipedia business page creation, some issues can arise. Wikipedia focuses on neutrality of information. That means that every article must feature both negative and positive information about the topic. You cannot write articles that are biased and attempt to sway readers towards an opinion. Also, anyone can edit or update a Wikipedia page, and many of them get vandalized. An example of this was in the news recently. A famous actor named Leonardo DiCaprio had his Wikipedia paged destroyed by a hacker who inserted profanity based phrases through out the article about him to mock a recent award that he received. 

Removing Negative Information

Though each Wikipedia page must reflect an accurate, non-biased viewpoint, Wikipedia does allow for un-factual statements to be edited out if they can in fact be verified to be untrue. This helps when a person or company wants to remove gossip based comments or attempts of defamation of character. In the case of what happened to DiCaprio, the profanity based comments can easily be removed, but the article will most likely need re-writing. Thankfully, in cases like this there is help with a Wikipedia editing service. A new company called Get Your Wiki has a team of Wiki writers for hire¬†that help people with their Wikipedia articles. They can write an original article that has a money back guarantee of being accepted by Wikipedia, and once it is accepted, it can be monitored by them. While still following Wikipedia’s guidelines of a non-biased viewpoint, they edit out untrue statements that any article hacker attempts to add. The security of having them look out for your best interests is invaluable when you need to protect your online reputation.

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