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Get Reliable Reputation Management

If you are worried about how you are perceived online, then you need to enlist the services of a reliable online reputation management firm.

The internet has challenged the ideas on private and personal identities. Individuals are more exposed through connection to a variety of social media sites.

If you are a business owner or company executive, you are probably aware that having a good reputation online is extremely important for business growth and success. Most people in today’s digital business environment go online when they want to find out about any company, product or service, or if they require information regarding a specific topic.

Online reputation management is a public relations tool used by firms and individuals to shape the way they are perceived online. It involves looking for out references, interacting with professionals online, generating positive references and content, and addressing detrimental content found online.

An extremely open profile and visibility online leave you prone to scathing personal attacks from competitors and rivals. It is important to take proactive steps to protect yourself and your organization. There are many tools and resources out there to help you take control of your online reputation and ensure that only positive reviews show up when your name or your company is searched online.

A number of enterprises offer this service for a fee and some companies maintain an online Reputation Defender office in their public relations department, with one or more full-time staff members responsible for taking care of the firm’s presentation online.

Some companies offer programs that will bury or hide negative reviews and commentary, normally by generating favorable content to force negative reviews further down in search engine rankings. However, this is only one element of online reputation management.

Most customers expect companies to interact online, making a social media specialist a requirement for firms that want to interact fully with customers, and organizations can use both negative and desirable reviews as tools for improvement.

Take the time to research reputation management firms and choose a company that has an established history of rendering excellent services to clients.


FreedomPop: About The Service And Review Of It

FreedomPop is a company that offers free wireless internet and mobile phone service. It has grown in popularity and continuing to grow. Here is more information about the service, as well as a short review.

About FreedomPop
The company is based in Los Angeles, California and they provide mobile and internet services. FreedomPop offers free mobile services, which includes text, voice and data. They also sell tablets, mobile phones and various broadband devices.

Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar founded the company, which is backed by DCM Capital, Intel, Atomico, Mangrove, Partech Ventures and Axiata. Since launching, FreedomPop has raised over $100 million, which includes $50 million Series C in the beginning of 2016.

Sprint’s network is what the company uses in the United States. They also have plans to expand to the United Kingdom, using Three’s network.

FreedomPop Review
Signing up for the service is easy, and all you have to do is enter your email address and zip code to find out if they offer the service in your area. After you do this, you can choose a plan, but there’s contracts, which means you can cancel any time. The free plan provides you with 500MB of data per month, and there other plans include 2GB and 4GB per month. Also, There are seven devices you can purchase from FreedomPop and they are all affordable and have their own set of benefits.

One of the best things about FreedomPop is you can earn extra data. One way to do it is to check to see if anyone you know is using the service, and then you can connect with them if they are. This allows you and the person you know an extra 10MB per month. You can also invite people to join and use the service.

Another way to get free data is to complete offers, download software and take surveys on FreedomPop’s website. You should create a free email account with Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo if you want to complete offers to earn free data.

The bottom line is FreedomPop is a good service and they offer a basic plan that provides you with free data. Give them a try to find out just how good they are, if their service is available in your area.


Jose Borghi: The Drawbacks of Inbound and Content Marketing

In the corporate world, advertising is widely believed to be the soul of business. This maxim has is often used interchangeably with another one, which states that content is the backbone of business on Each passing day, more companies come up with ways of marketing their content. More often than less, content marketing is accompanied by inbound marketing. However, many entrepreneurs expect quick results whenever they launch an advertisement campaign. There is need to first understand the concepts of inbound marketing and content marketing.

Demystifying Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing

Mullen Lowe Brasil founder and CEO, Jose Borghi states that inbound marketing is simply a business strategy that seeks to attract the audience by delivering products and services that solve a prevailing problem. Simply put, inbound marketing involves the delivery of relevant content to the audience. It is through such a high level of commitment that a brand can easily gain market leadership in its field, and customer trust.

On the other hand, content marketing mainly involves propping up content that has been delivered by inbound marketing strategies. Mr. Borghi advises companies to be careful as far as the formulation of these marketing strategies is concerned. Many entrepreneurs get excited by the prospect of getting more clients. This often makes them formulate poorly planned strategies that fail in the end. This highlights the importance of evaluating all concepts, and having an understanding of the market.

How to Formulate a Marketing Strategy

The advertising guru advises marketers to be smart when coming up with inbound and content marketing strategies. It is important to understand that any content that will be published on websites, blogs, and social media pages will either earn a company points, or make it lose its reputation.

The content should not only be interesting but also market oriented. This will go a long way in improving SEO optimization. The CEO of Lowe Mullen Brazil similarly points out that there is great importance in disclosing the content and material in numerous areas since it boosts the perceptibility of a firm.

About Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is regarded as the most successful entrepreneurs in the Brazilian ad scene. As an advertiser, he is credited with the creation of advertisements that captured the imagination of the entire nation. Jose Borghi’s most prolific work is Mammals Parmalat, a feature film featuring children dressed like animals. The ad was meant to increase public participation in wildlife conservation. It was a major hit among Brazilians, and helped establish Mullen Lowe as the go-to Brazilian ad agency.