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Paul Mampilly and The Cryptocurrency He Supports That Is Not Bitcoin

Before we start this article, we should first point out at the onset that Paul Mampilly has already built a name and reputation for being the writer for Banyal Hill Publishing’s great newsletter, Profits Unlimited. Paul Mampilly is also the American investor that has helped a lot of people’s assets get the growth they need. His experience as a hedge fund manager has also built him a trusted name from which most people who want to hone their investment skills can learn their lessons and training grounds. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

Extreme Fortunes

It should come as no surprise to anyone who’s in the know that the resources and information you need in investments should be verified. Paul Mampilly’s expertise is already verified, and his experience and results so far would indicate that he is one of the investors to trust. It also goes without saying that the extreme fortunes he has so far amassed are because of this level of insider intelligence that he has already learned from being part of a trading environment that only real traders and people with skin in the game can experience.

That said, you can get all the high-end trading secrets and practices that you need for investments from Extreme Fortunes, which is one of the most popular newsletters published by Banyan Hill, which Paul Mampilly writes for. In one of the articles in the newsletter, Paul Mampilly discusses the trends, the ins and outs of Bitcoin, and why people should at least consider where the trend is going today. We very clearly can learn from that piece of article that Paul himself has observed the raving trends that investors have over Bitcoin. In fact, we can read from Paul’s report that it is now even considered a gambling market, and nearly all of the prices of these coins rise on just pure speculation. However, there’s one stock in the bitcoin trend that Paul is observing. Read more at PRNewswire about Paul Mampilly.

The Skyrocket Opportunity

The opportunity that Paul sees is the one that he expects to skyrocket in no less than 2,325% in the next year, and this cryptocurrency is generating a whole lot of traction and interest because it is building connections with the world’s most ominous and famous companies that can accept such “coin” in exchange for goods. This is so far the biggest bitcoin support that Paul has teased us with, and clearly, many people would be following his path, his advice and his continuous support on such cryptocurrency asset, curious of him revealing its name.

Jobs available At Sussex Healthcare

The elderly folks of Southern England have enjoyed the care offered by Sussex Healthcare for over 25 years now. The skills and experience of a dental surgeon and hotel manager have made this possible. Shafik Sachedina, the surgeon, and Shiraz Boghani have co-chaired the facility over the years and made it what it is today-a leader in the adult care network.

The healthcare programs create job opportunities for numerous qualified personel. Sussex healthcare desires to see their clients live a fulfilled life. They are keen on whoever they employ and also provide opportunities for development of their employees’ skills and abilities. Sussex Healthcare has been providing medical services primarily to the southern coast of England. Sussex Healthcare remains as one the top healthcare providers due in large part to the hard work and dedication of their leaders. Sussex Healthcare partnered with hospitals all around the world to offer specialized training to their employees.

The working environment at Sussex Healthcare allows one to achieve their potential while ensuring they feel valued and appreciated. Given that they desire to offer quality services to their patients, they encourage staff to pursue further training to achieve the quality goal.

Available jobs

Senior Care Assistant
The position is available at Clemsfold house where patients with dementia reside. A level 3 NVQ in care is required for this job. Further training on identification of special needs will be offered at the institutions academy. The responsibilities will include;
• Orientation of new staff.
• Attending of review meetings and supervising the completion of reports.
• Supporting service users.
The benefits that one will enjoy include pension, paid breaks, nursing apprenticeships, in house training, reduced rate accommodation, free uniform and staff bus among other benefits. You could also be allowed to switch houses to increase your experience.

Home Administrator-Clemsfold House
The main duty will be to support the Home Manager in running the administrative duties in the home. The other duties include;
• Typing correspondence.
• Responding to telephone calls.
• Producing documents like social calendars and posters.
• Printing forms needed by other staff.
• Liaising with doctors and other service providers.
The successful candidate will also need to actively take part in marketing, payroll, ordering and human resource duties.

Activity Assistant at Horncastle House
A punctual and reliable individual with a friendly disposition is being sought to take up this position. Their daily tasks will include;
• Organizing, recording and running the activity programme.
• To oversee the safe storage of activity materials and equipment.
• To determine service users needs individually.
• To lease with appropriate therapists.
• To work with the activity coordinator to provide group activities.

The other available job offers include;
o Care Home Unit Manager at Orchad Lodge.
o Residential Care Home Manager for Clemsfold House.
o Domestic Assistant for Westeria Lodge located at East Grinstead.
o Senior Care Assistant for Longfield Manor and Orchard Lodge.
o Care Assistant for Beech Lodge and Clemsfield house.

Apply today and be part of the Sussex Healthcare community.

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