AI Technology Greatly Improving Efficiency of A/B Testing

By | December 9, 2017

Those working in digital marketing and e-commerce have a huge responsibility when it comes to optimizing websites. Companies always desire to have more traffic, more user engagement, more personalized customer experiences, and so on. New ideas to increase effectiveness must be tested against the old.

Typically, those performing the comparisons would use traditional A/B testing. This type of test compares two variables to determine which performs better. The two variables must be tested simultaneously, with live user traffic. The test will follow each user to observe how they navigate the page, which links they click, or rather, which ones they do not. When testing between just two variables, the traffic would be split evenly. However, A/B testing can be modified to include up to four variables. Of course, this can be more complex and will split the traffic into thirds or fourths. This may potentially create a less accurate result, or one in which the outcome is more difficult to interpret. To ensure a proper result, a test can range anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Recently, the use of AI technology in the digital marketing industry has expanded exponentially. Artificial intelligence robots have been able to perform the functions of A/B testing with a high amount of efficiency. The advantages of using AI technology for this type of testing are many and varied. An artificial intelligence has the capacity to perform at a significantly greater speed than any human ever could. In a test where an AI played a game of rock-paper-scissor with a human opponent, the AI was able to determine the winning hand gesture in less than a second. Given the length of time required to properly perform an A/B test, the use of an AI is invaluable here. As well as speed, they are useful for cost efficiency and accuracy. An AI need not use any assumptions or guesswork. In addition, it is capable of easily testing multiple variables and concisely determining an accurate result.

While these AI technologies have not been perfected, their use has provided significant advantages for e-commerce industries. Many companies have already put them to use with great success. With continued AI application, their efficiency and learning capabilities can only increase from here.