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How Guilherme Paulus Is Transforming Tourism In Brazil One Company At A Time

Within the Brazilian tourism industry, the GJP network and CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A play an essential role. These are companies that entirely rely on this sector and have over the years proved that this industry as the potential as any other.

These two companies have made Guilherme Paulus a billionaire as listed by Forbes Magazine. Today he is considered one of the most influential players in the tourism sector a stark difference from the 24-year-old who started CVC in 1972 with nothing but a dream that he would one day succeed.

CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A is Latin America’s largest tour operator. It currently provides services to more than 3.5 million clients annual and has been recognized nationally and internationally for its excellence of service. The company that Guilherme Paulus started as a tour agency at the time would come to be associated with success and phenomenal growth. It became the first company in Brazil to start chartering planes for its clients as well as bringing the first cruise ship to the country. This was all done in an era when government support for the industry was close to non-existent. As the years went by the sector proved lucrative and as the government invested more those who had seen its potential long ago were able to capitalize on the same. Guilherme Paulus recently sold a majority stake of the company to The Carlyle Group. This has helped the company expand and at the same time accorded him the opportunity to focus more on the GJP network.

The GJP network runs a chain of hotels located all over Brazil that cater to the different needs of clients. This has been a very successful venture for Guilherme Paulus having started the same in 2005. Today the network is worth more than half a billion dollars and continues to grow. The group of hotels has benefited from the recent sporting tournaments held in Brazil starting from the FIFA world cup as well as the Summer Olympics held in 2016. The GJP network has continued to do well under the leadership of Paulus and hopes to invest in more cities in the coming days.

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How it Feels to be in the Zone and How Neurocore can Help People Get There

Neurocore is being incorporated into the world of sports. One of the goals of Neurocore is to help people learn how to get in the zone. For people who are not sure about what it means to be in the zone, there are ways that it feels to be in the zone. For one thing, a person who is in the zone seems to be in a place of wisdom. One thing that happens is that he finds himself in the present moment and focused on what he is doing. At the same time, he is following many different words of wisdom. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

One of the pieces a person who is in the moment tends to follow is that a watched pot never boils. In other words, he does not get so caught up in the results of what he is doing. This is not to say that he does not think about the results. As a matter of fact, the results that he desires is in the back of his head. He is just so caught up in the process of what he is doing that he does not become impatient or discouraged if it is not happening at the rate that he desires. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore is offering to help people get into the zone. It is making its entrance into the world of sports. Therefore, athletes are going to learn hot to find their zone and be in it so that they can perform at a higher level. There have been teams and football players that have lost games because they could not get into the zone. Fortunately, Neurocore has brain training devices that can help people get to the right mindset that is needed to perform. This is also an effective way to battle mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.


Freedom Checks Are a Smart Investment Strategy

Matt Badiali has accumulated countless years of financial experience in the industry. He presently serves as senior analyst at Banyan Hill. Matt Badiali prides himself on a get rich quick scheme known as Freedom Checks, where corporations can directly invest in its consumers and avoid taxes. There are two articles that go into deeper detail on Freedom Checks, including if they are legit and how they work. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Starting from the bottom, many consumers may wonder the legitimately of Freedom Checks. The website Affiliate Dork recently published an article to address this issue. Matt Badiali’s career has taken him all over the globe. He has seen first hand accounts of how the oil and energy sectors operate. This new investment concept is designed to offer a chance to bridge the gap between consumer and company. Another name for this idea is Master Limited Partnerships (MLP). He even published a Youtube video to breakdown the process and how it works. He lays out effective the process is to join.


The single most important thing for the average consumer is saving money for retirement, in order to live happily in their later years. However, an article on the website Gazette Day discusses how Freedom Checks might be a quick method to raise money for retirement. At the beginning, it will require an investment. This money is used for equipment, paying workers, and marketing campaigns. The MLP system means the investment relationship is reciprocal, and it is completely legal. The system works on tax laws that have in place for decades. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

There are many retirement schemes on the market, but few are as legitimate and realistic as Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks. The system relies on MLP relationship, that many companies already take advantage of. It allows them to reap a higher profit margin, while putting more money the average consumer’s wallet. This is a safe method to use for someone looking to save for retirement. Visit the website to learn more.

Why Specialized Recruitment Agencies Such as GoBuySide Are Superior

There are many things that have to be taken into consideration when looking for new talent to hire. The truth is that many companies who are looking to fill new positions simply do not know all there is to know about the best ways to go about finding high quality talent for their companies. In the finance and investment industries, in particular, there seems to be a great number of companies who are having difficulty finding highly qualified employees for their employee positions.

GoBuySide is a company that cuts out all of the work of these companies and finds them the best and the most qualified talent from the top of the barrel, so to speak. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.


Did you ever think about the business and profit sides of hiring new employees? When a company is spending their time, their resources, their money, and their energy on finding new employees, they are not spending those same resources and that time on making more profits. A company should be looking to increase the ways they can maximize their profits in every way possible. The more resources and time that go into finding new talent, the less profit they will be able to make. It makes a lot more sense to let a company like GoBuySide find the talent for you so that you can focus on the things that matter to your company when it comes to profits. Read this article at Accesswire.

In addition, every day that a position goes unfilled, the production levels at your company will be lower. You will be less productive, simply because you do not have as many qualified employees working on your projects. That is why it is important to find high quality talent as soon as possible without any delays whatsoever.

That is why it is important to find a recruitment agency that focuses on specialized research such as GoBuySide. In one specific example, a specialized research recruitment agency closed a search within two weeks. A generalized recruitment agency previously was unable to close the search in more than two months.


Paul Mampilly and The Cryptocurrency He Supports That Is Not Bitcoin

Before we start this article, we should first point out at the onset that Paul Mampilly has already built a name and reputation for being the writer for Banyal Hill Publishing’s great newsletter, Profits Unlimited. Paul Mampilly is also the American investor that has helped a lot of people’s assets get the growth they need. His experience as a hedge fund manager has also built him a trusted name from which most people who want to hone their investment skills can learn their lessons and training grounds. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

Extreme Fortunes

It should come as no surprise to anyone who’s in the know that the resources and information you need in investments should be verified. Paul Mampilly’s expertise is already verified, and his experience and results so far would indicate that he is one of the investors to trust. It also goes without saying that the extreme fortunes he has so far amassed are because of this level of insider intelligence that he has already learned from being part of a trading environment that only real traders and people with skin in the game can experience.

That said, you can get all the high-end trading secrets and practices that you need for investments from Extreme Fortunes, which is one of the most popular newsletters published by Banyan Hill, which Paul Mampilly writes for. In one of the articles in the newsletter, Paul Mampilly discusses the trends, the ins and outs of Bitcoin, and why people should at least consider where the trend is going today. We very clearly can learn from that piece of article that Paul himself has observed the raving trends that investors have over Bitcoin. In fact, we can read from Paul’s report that it is now even considered a gambling market, and nearly all of the prices of these coins rise on just pure speculation. However, there’s one stock in the bitcoin trend that Paul is observing. Read more at PRNewswire about Paul Mampilly.

The Skyrocket Opportunity

The opportunity that Paul sees is the one that he expects to skyrocket in no less than 2,325% in the next year, and this cryptocurrency is generating a whole lot of traction and interest because it is building connections with the world’s most ominous and famous companies that can accept such “coin” in exchange for goods. This is so far the biggest bitcoin support that Paul has teased us with, and clearly, many people would be following his path, his advice and his continuous support on such cryptocurrency asset, curious of him revealing its name.

Jobs available At Sussex Healthcare

The elderly folks of Southern England have enjoyed the care offered by Sussex Healthcare for over 25 years now. The skills and experience of a dental surgeon and hotel manager have made this possible. Shafik Sachedina, the surgeon, and Shiraz Boghani have co-chaired the facility over the years and made it what it is today-a leader in the adult care network.

The healthcare programs create job opportunities for numerous qualified personel. Sussex healthcare desires to see their clients live a fulfilled life. They are keen on whoever they employ and also provide opportunities for development of their employees’ skills and abilities. Sussex Healthcare has been providing medical services primarily to the southern coast of England. Sussex Healthcare remains as one the top healthcare providers due in large part to the hard work and dedication of their leaders. Sussex Healthcare partnered with hospitals all around the world to offer specialized training to their employees.

The working environment at Sussex Healthcare allows one to achieve their potential while ensuring they feel valued and appreciated. Given that they desire to offer quality services to their patients, they encourage staff to pursue further training to achieve the quality goal.

Available jobs

Senior Care Assistant
The position is available at Clemsfold house where patients with dementia reside. A level 3 NVQ in care is required for this job. Further training on identification of special needs will be offered at the institutions academy. The responsibilities will include;
• Orientation of new staff.
• Attending of review meetings and supervising the completion of reports.
• Supporting service users.
The benefits that one will enjoy include pension, paid breaks, nursing apprenticeships, in house training, reduced rate accommodation, free uniform and staff bus among other benefits. You could also be allowed to switch houses to increase your experience.

Home Administrator-Clemsfold House
The main duty will be to support the Home Manager in running the administrative duties in the home. The other duties include;
• Typing correspondence.
• Responding to telephone calls.
• Producing documents like social calendars and posters.
• Printing forms needed by other staff.
• Liaising with doctors and other service providers.
The successful candidate will also need to actively take part in marketing, payroll, ordering and human resource duties.

Activity Assistant at Horncastle House
A punctual and reliable individual with a friendly disposition is being sought to take up this position. Their daily tasks will include;
• Organizing, recording and running the activity programme.
• To oversee the safe storage of activity materials and equipment.
• To determine service users needs individually.
• To lease with appropriate therapists.
• To work with the activity coordinator to provide group activities.

The other available job offers include;
o Care Home Unit Manager at Orchad Lodge.
o Residential Care Home Manager for Clemsfold House.
o Domestic Assistant for Westeria Lodge located at East Grinstead.
o Senior Care Assistant for Longfield Manor and Orchard Lodge.
o Care Assistant for Beech Lodge and Clemsfield house.

Apply today and be part of the Sussex Healthcare community.

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Bruno Fagali: U.S Congress Seeks To Set A Massive Reward For Patriotic Citizens

One of the primary duties of good a lawyers is to educate people on any new developments in the law. This does not help in building their reputation but also helps to keep citizens updated with any new laws that are of interests to them.

As a reputable and experienced advocate in Brazil, Bruno Fagali has made it his responsibility to keep people on the updated. Bruno Fagali runs a blog on his official website where he addresses legal issues that interest his audience both locally and internationally.

Reward for patriotism
According to one of the articles published on Bruno Fagali’s blog, individuals who report corrupt dealings to the authorities in the U.S. might be able to pocket a whopping $5 million if the U.S. Congress passes the law. There is a Bill on the floor of the U.S. Congress that seeks to shut down money laundering completely. The bill that was brought to the floor of the house is still being deliberated, and it could pass into a law.

If the new Bill passes into law, then it will allow the Secretary of the Treasury to determine how much a citizen who tips the authorities for cases of money laundering involving foreign assets. The primary objective of putting such law into place is to identify corrupt dealings amidst overly complicated financial structures and then recover as many assets as possible.

The amount set as the reward
The proposed law doesn’t put a limit on the amount that an individual can get when they turn into a corrupt person to the U.S authorities. Bruno Fagali notes that the higher the amount of money recovered the higher the amount. It is at the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury to determine how much money an individual gets. The proposed law also requires the Secretary of the Treasury to offer protection to the whistleblower and their families.

About Bruno Fagali
Bruno Fagali is a highly experienced Brazilian lawyer who specializes in Administrative Law, Anti-corruption Law, Urban Law, Election Law, and Compliance. He graduated in University of Sao Paolo. He has been serving high-profile individuals and companies as their legal counsel for many years. Bruno Fagali established the Fagali Law, which is an institution that educates people on various aspects of the law.


Barbara Stokes Engineering GSH

Barbara Stokes graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics from Mercer University. After gaining experience from Pisces Corporation and Boeing, Barbara went to lead Green Structure Homes of Alabama with her husband, Scott Stokes.

Green Structure Homes is one of the many contractors providing relief after disaster strikes. The company provides modular homes with assembly only taking a few days. Barbara was inspired to start this company after working with government paperwork through her engineering career. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

In 2012, Green Structure Homes was beginning to prepare for producing quick, temporary housing as well as becoming a certified Disaster Relief Construction Contractor. Also at this time, GSH gained $49 million worth of contracts for temporary housing for disaster relief victims. They are more than a mobile home thrown together, but a house that provides flexible configurations.

Know more:

These homes were designed to have an average driveway and being extremely cost-effective. They produce homes of all sizes. GSH constructs its homes out of quality material and provides a safe, accessible home for disaster relief victims. These houses also meet the standards set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, including a state of the art sprinkler system. They come with kitchens and bathroom while being energy efficient. These homes allow people to carry on with their lives while rebuilding their community. Read this article at

These high-quality homes allow communities to rebuild, secure jobs, and continue with school. A lack of decent houses will not help people stay and rebuild infrastructure after disaster strikes.

Working closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), GSH was able to design a blue and share efforts to help hurricane victims. They were able to develop a completely automated fire suppression system. This makes temporary housing safe and reliable for victims. Barbara Stokes was able to lead the design of the fire safety technology now used in GSHs’ designs.

Mighty Fortress Church, Place To Worship God Freely

Mighty Fortress Church is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the north side of the city. The founder and president of Mighty Fortress Church is Bishop Thomas Williams. The first lady of the church is Sabrina Williams. Together they have created a wonderful church.

Pastor Tom uses his platform as a bishop to speak to his members about worshiping God and always remembering to have faith no matter what you’re going through. Each week Bishop Thomas Williams preparing inspirational messages to the members and visitors of the church. His goal is to help all attenders build a health and happy relationship with their heavenly father that last for eternity. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

If you have not been to Mighty Fortress Church as of yet, it would be a good idea to attend one of the Sunday services. Pastor Tom provides members with powerful messages each week that encourages each and every pastor to have faith in God no matter what they’re going through in their lives.

Mighty Fortress Church has several different groups, bands, choirs, and other organizations that all attendees are encouraged to join. Joining church groups allows you to be active with your church home which will also keep you close to God at all times.


Mighty Fortress Church is very diverse with it comes to race, gender, and social backgrounds as well. People from all walks of life are encouraged to come to Mighty Fortress Church. Diversity is what makes church interesting. You will be able to learn about God and meet different people from all around the world.

Members of the church and guest are encouraged to come to church as they are. This means you aren’t required to dress a certain way or wear your hair a certain way in order to be accepted at church. You will be accepted no matter how you come to church is does not matter, remember, only God can judge.

At Mighty Fortress Church members are also encouraged to worship God freely. This means you aren’t required to be quiet during worship services. So what are you waiting for? Come visit Mighty Fortress Church today! Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Organo Gold: Delicious, Nutritious Products And Lucrative Business Opportunities

Organo Gold is a network marketing company founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008. The company offers a wide range of nutraceuticals, beverages and personal care products infused with nutritious natural ingredients. The mission of Organo Gold is to improve people’s lives and help them attain new levels of well-being, balance and freedom through using and marketing their premium products. Organo Gold products are available in more than 50 countries exclusively through the company’s independent distributors. Chua has fulfilled his vision of helping people worldwide by offering healthy products made with the Earth’s treasures. Read the reviews at

The company offers beverages and body management products that offer the natural healing benefits of the ganoderma lucidum mushroom, spore powder, mycelium and grape seed oil. Some of the beverages Organo Gold offers include:

King Of Coffee

Gourmet Black Coffee

Café Supreme

Café Latte

Café Mocha

Black Ice

Hot Cocoa

Red Tea

Green Tea

The company’s body maintenance produces include:

G3 Beauty Soap



OGX FENIX™ Creamy Vanilla

OGX FENIX™ Rich Chocolate

Organo Gold distributors can use the company’s Preferred Customers Program to provide individual product sales, product samples, discounted sales and automated shipping options. People interested in marketing Organo Gold can take advantage of the innovative business opportunity and generous compensation options the company offers. They can use Organo Gold to earn some extra cash or build a world-class business.


One of the unique things Organo Gold offers is the chance to take advantage of the exclusive, unprecedented collaborative relationship the company has with The Napoleon Hill Foundation, publishers of Think and Grow Rich. Millions of people credit the book with helping them to achieve financial success by becoming better entrepreneurs.

People love using and marketing Organo Gold products because they are nutritious and delicious and can help to improve the quality of people’s lives. Plus, the products are natural, affordable and easy to use.

When Bernardo Chua started Organo Gold a decade ago, the company was known for using the highest quality ganoderma to infuse their teas and coffees and educating consumers about the health benefits the mushroom offered. Today, Organo Gold continues to do those things. In addition to that, Organo Gold is proud to be an OG Cares Foundation corporate sponsor. The non-profit organization supports young people by giving them opportunities to be engaged, productive members of their communities. That’s one way Organo Gold is creating a better future. Shop now at