Fabletics- Casual And Athletic Wear Anywhere You Go

By | May 21, 2016

Fabletics is a brand of get up and go outfits that provide functionality in style. You can lounge around in them, do yoga in them, or you can even wear them in the office. They are made of material that stretch and bend, and they are sweat- control, chafe- resistant, and have reflective paneling. This brand of clothes allows people to feel protected but also allowing them to show off their sexiness and femininity.

Kate Hudson comes to the lazy-girl rescue with a way to be comfortable and be fashionable at the same time. Fabletics is made to be worn anywhere you go- even at work or on a date. The co-founder is about to release a line of athleisure dresses on http://www.fabletics.com/collections, giving every lazy girl a dream come true. In mid-April, a new line of swimsuits will be on the market, allowing bikini tops to be used also as a sports bra.

Kate Hudson says that it has been a natural progression to give active and outgoing girls a way to be both casual and athletic at the same time. The point of Fabletics is to make you feel like you don’t need to “dress up” when you go out, off with the comfortable pajamas and into jeans. They are more and more accessible, so you don’t really need to wonder what to wear on your date night when you really don’t want to leave the couch because you want to stay comfortable.

There are even some dresses that have an attached bra inside, giving you that secret sports bra feeling inside a cute dress, like the Tropez dress. But even if there is no built-in bra on the inside, you can still slip them on easily. It will make your body feel nice and snug while you head out. Spanx is not needed for these dresses on http://www.fabletics.com/, which is great! These clothes are made to attract customers like high fashion brands do, but at a more affordable price.

Even the swimwear are also made with performance in mind, so you can be athletic in even a bathing suit. Fabletics made them with the material that can give a worry-free experience while doing a light exercise like yoga on a beach.

With Fabletics, people can feel more motivated to be healthy and fit. Since the company was direct with consumers, they were able to create high quality fashion at half the price needed. Fitness is fashionable and with Fabletics, you can be athletic and stylish at the same time. With this brand of clothes, you can be comfortable while being at work or picking up groceries as well.