LED Lighting is Here

The incandescent light bulb has slowly gone the way of the dinosaur. The incandescent bulb once ruled the lighting world. Now, it is almost extinct. This type of lighting ruled the world for well over a century. However, the government rulings required the country to change to a more energy efficient type of lighting. Enter… Read More »

Fabletics- Casual And Athletic Wear Anywhere You Go

Fabletics is a brand of get up and go outfits that provide functionality in style. You can lounge around in them, do yoga in them, or you can even wear them in the office. They are made of material that stretch and bend, and they are sweat- control, chafe- resistant, and have reflective paneling. This… Read More »

The Unorthodox Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success

Anyone looking for a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship or business growth in general need to check out Marc Spark’s new book, “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success”. In this book, mega successful entrepreneur Marc Sparks takes readers on his own personal journey through the many successes as well as the many… Read More »

Making Wikipedia Work for You

Staying Neutral Having a Wikipedia page about yourself or your business is a mixed blessing. Because the site has become so well known, much of their information is cloned all over the internet. This means an enormous amount of free advertising, which can help get the word out about who you are. For people who… Read More »